WATCH: This teaser trailer shows Joker like you’ve never seen him before

Following the release of the cryptic movie poster today, is an equally cryptic teaser trailer of Warner Brothers’ The Joker. Though not deliberately vague nor even particularly secretive, the tones of this teaser are so far removed from what we know of the Joker that it becomes an enigmatic experience.

(Hi, the new photos of Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker in full makeup are here and it’s scary)

Directed by Todd Phillips (The Hangover) and starring Joaquin Pheonix, The Joker is a comic book film that looks anything but. Although we get the usual landmarks of what one would expect (Gotham City, Bruce Wayne), the teaser plays with decidedly more dulcet tones of tragedy than the typical superhero movie would. It follows Arthur Fleck, a struggling comedian, as he transforms from outsider to Clown Prince of Crime.

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You can watch it yourself below:

What did you think of the trailer?