WATCH: This is What Happens When Girls Become Too “Assumera”

“Girl, wag kang assumera!”

How many times have you heard this line? Whether overheard, on the TV or movies, or *gulp* told directly to you? Assumera ka ba?

But I guess the better question here, though, is: Paano ka na ba napaasa?? Have you ever been in a situation where you thought a conversation with a guy was going one way then it goes the exact opposite way? How did you react to it? What happened?

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This is exactly the kind of situation this girl is facing, in this funny video by GeeTv starring Gee Canlas. Plus! GeeTv is holding a contest when you answer the question from the video! Check out the bottom of this article for the contest info.

Watch the funny video here:

CONTEST QUESTION: What do you think the guy in the video was going to ask Gee?

Best answer wins a surprise goodie box from BYS Philippines! Head on over to GeeTv’s facebook page to enter and answer the question. Good luck!

Have you ever been in this awkward situation? Share your experience in the comments!