WATCH: This Guy Defends the Filipino Domestic Workers in Kuwait

In case you missed it, we recently wrote an article about a Kuwaiti social media celebrity who complained about Filipino domestic workers in her country. Aside from calling Filipinos ‘servants’, she complains about the new labor laws, wherein Filipino domestic workers in Kuwait get a day off of work every week and no longer have to surrender their passports. “What if they run away?” she asks.

Khalid Al Ameri from Abu Dhabi, who quit his job to write and make videos, shares that her video made him pretty upset, so he decided to make a video about her complaints. “I hate that I still have to make videos about topics like this in 2018,” he says, but he perfectly touches on why there is absolutely nothing right about what her complaints. Here are his thoughts:

Now, if everyone could be nicer and more open-minded and think the same way, the world would be a much better place. Don’t you think?

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