WATCH: This Acapella Medley Of Disney Villain Songs Makes Being Bad Sound Good

When we say “Disney songs” it would almost always instantly make us think of the Disney princesses and their love duets and their powerful ballads about being free. Very rarely would we ever think of the song numbers by the bad guys because very rarely would they ever get center stage attention.

Well, this cover is finally for those poor unfortunate souls. If you love ’em bad guys, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy this acapella medley by Peter Hollens and Whitney Avalon.

In this medley, they put together the hit songs of our favorite villains and created a song that could send chills down your spine.

Take a look:

Some of the villains featured in the video includes Ursula from The Little Mermaid, Scar from The Lion King, Gaston from Beauty and The Beast, and even Mother Gothel from Tangled!

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I’ve got to say, I really enjoyed this medley since Disney villains rarely get any credit for the awesome songs they sing. Plus, I really think they have more attitude and angsty emotions when they sing–making them the perfect rockstars.

What did you think of the medley? Was your favorite villain featured? Share it with us!