WATCH: This 13-Year Old Pinay Teamed Up With Matt Steffanina For An Awesome Dance Cover of “Despacito”

You may know AC Bonifacio as the awesome kid who did great impersonations in the kids’ version of the TV game show Your Face Sounds Familiar. She impersonated Usher, Janet Jackson, and Sarah Geronimo on the show–videos of her performances instantly went viral.

But before she was impersonating celebrities on TV, she was first known to be a great dancer on YouTube, catching the attention of even Ellen DeGeneres herself!

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Now, AC is causing a stir over the internet yet again after American choreographer and YouTuber Matt Steffanina teamed up with her for a dance cover of the hit song “Despacito.”

Check out their awesome video below:

Matt reportedly visited the country for this year’s YouTube Fan Fest which was held in the SMX Convention Center. Upon seeing AC’s killer dance moves, he decided to do a collaboration with her–a fantastic decision, really.

The video, which was also posted on Matt’s Facebook page, has already had more than a million views! It’s really not that much of a surprise because AC definitely slayed that choreography.

What did you think of that dance cover? Share it with us!

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