WATCH: Someone Edited Donald Trump into Game of Thrones and it is Genius

Donald Trump, American billionaire and mentor for TV show The Apprentice, is running for US presidency. Although the business tycoon has got what appears to be a following, he’s not exactly well-loved by everybody.

He’s known for his sharp tongue and radical beliefs, often times bordering on racist and, well, downright crazy. And, so, it was only really a matter of time that something like this would happen.

So we reckon you know Game of Thrones, right? Someone (a bored genius lad somewhere with too much time on his hands) edited Donald Trump into the hit TV show! And what’s amazing is, EVERYTHING FITS SO WELL. See the presidential hopeful in scenes with the Mother of Dragons herself, in a meeting with Tyrion Lannister, in a heated argument with the bastard boy Jon Snow, and just more awesome scenes.

Seriously. This is so good, HBO could just cast Trump into the show. Watch the video below:

Eternally thankful to the internet for good stuff like this.


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