WATCH: Skydiving, 4×4 Off Roading and Sandboarding at Vigan, Ilocos Sur

A lot of people go to Ilocos for the culture and the fun activities that the region has to offer. I personally went to Ilocos for the first time last April and I had the time of my life!

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What you might not know, though, is that Raymart Santiago, Cody Vancina and Brad Vancina opened a new Skydive Dropzone in Vigan City early this year. Well, Claude Evangelista, who you might still remember from this Tacloban video, went there with a group of his skydiving friends recently and he says there were so many nice beaches around. They even got to try adrenaline-fueled activities like 4×4 off roading and sand boarding on the sand dunes. Watch this:


Claude says Ilocos Sur is the ultimate place for adrenaline seekers to go! “You can jump off a plane, land back home safely and get your 4×4 off road fix and climb up and down on very steep sand dunes, then climb up to the hills and do sandboarding as much as you want,” he raves. “To top it all off, you can take all the sand and dirt off as the driver takes you to a long stretched beach for you to relax and go swimming.”

Sounds like heaven. Have you ever tried any of these activities at Ilocos Sur before?

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