WATCH: Sad Affleck Reacts to Negative Reviews on His First Movie as Batman

The reviews for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are in – and they aren’t all pretty. While some fans raved about the movie, the more serious movie critics weren’t as nice, with some even calling the movie “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Disappointment” and stating that “even Wonder Woman cannot save the movie”.

When these reviews were recently brought up in an interview with Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck, YouTube user Sabconth noticed the sad look on Ben’s face and decided to zone in on it with some very appropriate music. :p Watch the video here:

While I personally do not believe that Ben Affleck was actually looking sad because of the reviews, but may have just been tired or may just have a resting sad face, that doesn’t make the video any less funny in my books. :p

Have you seen BvS yet? What did you think of the movie? 🙂

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