WATCH: Moira Dela Torre’s Song Inspired By ‘Kita Kita’ Is For Those Who Don’t Believe In Love At First Sight

If you love films, then you’re probably familiar with that romcom film starring comedian-turned-leading-man Empoy and Alessandra De Rossi that’s been making waves around the interwebs.

If not, I’m pretty sure you’ve at least heard of Kita Kita. And because it has been getting lots of attention, even stars and celebrities have joined in with the bandwagon.

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Take for example singer Moira Dela Torre who just posted a recording of a song she wrote which was inspired by the film.

She calls the song “Kita Na Kita” and collaborates with Jason Hernandez.

It will give you intense kilig feels.

Check it out below:

This mellow song is about finally realizing that the one you’ve been looking for has been always right in front of you. It’s for those who took a bit too long to realize that it has always been that person all along.

So no, it’s definitely not for those who believe in love at first sight.

“Kita Na Kita” is for those who believe that no matter where life takes two people who are meant to be, they’ll still find each other in the end.

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