WATCH: Man astonishes netizens with gun spinning tricks

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This video is just one of the daring things that anyone can do! Efren Nuesca Limon, a security guard, uploaded on his Facebook account his gun spinning tricks where he shares how Filipinos should search up on the Gun Spinning World Competition since there are “none are participating.”

His post roughly translates:

“Google it – ‘Gun Spinning World Competition’. But there are no Filipinos here, just Japanese. There is a world competition for gun spinning. The modified finger grip handle should be our way of holding. I hope we can also learn the “plain grip”. We can’t get through auditions since we’re only used to the rotation of alcohol bottles (hehe).

This (video) is one of the reasons why many Filipinos find themselves sleepy during duty. Please pardon me and don’t get mad at me – this is only dry fire pistol handling and there is no bullet in the gun. This video is for the loved ones of my life, for my friends and those who love me – this is my gift for them. This is my means of bringing them joy and entertainment since I don’t have a gift for them this Christmas.

Don’t worry, for this video, I observed the 12 golden rules for safe gun handling – and there’s an extra rule, too, the thirteenth – remove the bullet, to maximize safety.” 

Watch the video here below!

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Disclaimer: does not own the video. Credits go to Efren Nuesca Limon.


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