WATCH: Lightsaber Wielding Padawans Take Over BGC

The Force is awake in the Philippines.

Last January, more than 200 Padawans attended the 9th Philippine Lightsaber Guild meet-up in Bonifacio Global City. The lightsaber wielding group lit up the city with their colorful weapons and passion for the hit movie franchise, Star Wars. Read more about the event through our feature, here: The Force is Awake: The Dawn of the Philippine Lightsaber Era

The Philippine Lightsaber Guild is a non-profit group dedicated to the famous franchise. Quoting from our previous article about the event, here is what PLG does: “The leaders try to take the guild to new heights by instilling values such as ‘Saber Safety’ to its members, or organizing large meets for members to come together for a day of fun, and choreographed saber clashes. PLG is also implementing pocketed meets to cater to the demand of their members for more lightsaber meets.”

Check out this cool post-event video of last month’s meet-up:

Because who said you can’t be a Jedi?? You can if you want to. Live your fandom. The next Philippine Lightsaber Guild meet-up is on February 20th. Keep posted through the group’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/groups/PHLightsaberGuild.