The Force is Awake: The Dawn of the Philippine Lightsaber Era

The Force is strong with a local Star Wars group dubbed as the Philippine Lightsaber Guild (PLG), an established lightsaber enthusiast group here in the country. PLG, as members refer to it, aims to bring together fans of the franchise, specifically those drawn to the mystics of the Force, as well as to the wonders of their elegant weapons. Members conduct their own purchases of duel-grade sabers, which are lightsabers that can withstand medium to hard hits, without shattering.

PLG is a non-profit group made by fans, for fans. The leaders try to take the guild to new heights by instilling values such as “Saber Safety” to its members, or organizing large meets for members to come together for a day of fun, and choreographed saber clashes. PLG is also implementing pocketed meets to cater to the demand of their members for more lightsaber meets. Several areas within Metro Manila have been identified as temples where members can meet up, talk about their love for lightsabers, and even do some fight choreographies. More information will be posted by PLG in the coming days.

Dawn_Of_The_Philippine_Lightsaber_Era_6Group photo of the Lightsaber Meet-up, (c) Philippine Lightsaber Guild

I was fortunate enough to let my inner Jedi manifest by attending a well-organized lightsaber academy of sorts, hosted and organized by the Philippine Lightsaber Guild at the Terra 28th Park in Bonifacio Global City. About two hundred lightsaber wielding individuals literally lit up the park with their lightsabers, majority of which are duel grade sabers that aren’t found anywhere in the country right now.

About 200+ Padawans attended the event to learn saber wielding techniques

Dawn_Of_The_Philippine_Lightsaber_Era_1Padawans in their Saber Spin Class

The padawans are segregated into groups wherein ‘Masters’ teach participants the art of using their sabers. They are then required to go through different classes showcasing different disciplines or forms that one must know in order to perfectly (and elegantly) wield a lightsaber. Believe me when I say that swinging it around doesn’t give justice to the intricacies and beauty of lightsaber dueling.

Padawans in their Shii-Cho (Form 1) Class – Photo grabbed from PLG page

Fortunately, for those that wish to be part of an amazing event such as this, The Philippine Lightsaber Guild has vowed to make this a regular monthly thing to keep the Force alive. If you are interested to be part of this growing lightsaber community, feel free to visit and join PLG by visiting their Facebook page.

The Next Philippine Lightsaber Meetup will be on February 20, 2016. For more information, head over to the official page of the group at