WATCH: Kitten Meows for Rescue at the MRT Track

It seemed just like any other day for Ligaya Dancel Magdirila. Wake up and commute to work, and commute back home. Only last November 13 was different. It was a day that will shake her faith in humanity.

At the MRT station in Buendia, she heard a kitten meowing. She looked for it and saw that it had fallen to the railway tracks. Its cries for help were heartbreaking. She begged for help from the guards but, to her shock, they refused to help, according to her account.

I dont know if this kitten is still alive at the moment but I just want to know kung kanino pwede ireklamo ang mga guards ng MRT Buendia station who just watched this kitten na nasa riles. I was begging them to rescue the kitten pero sinabihan lang ako ng hayaan nalang daw mamatay. Matagal naman sana dumating yung train pero yung mga guard pinipigilan ang mga tao na i-rescue yung pusa pero sila walang ginagawa kundi panooring mamatay yung poor kitten!😡😡😡😡 

Roughly translated, her post says that the guards at the MRT station refused to rescue the kitten and prevented people from removing the kitten out of harm’s way. She said they even told her to just let the kitten die. The kitten could have been rescued, she said, as it was a while before the train arrived. Instead, the guards just watched.

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A concerned citizen went to the station office to complain, as posted in the comments. Sadly, he was told that the kitten did die when it was run over by the oncoming train. The guards were just following protocols, he was also told.

Hmm, given the number of safety issues that the MRT is facing now, is allowing roadkills safe and according to proper procedures?

Letting a kitten die a grisly death is also cruel and unnecessary, don’t you think so? I hope our MRT officials can explain this.

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Video credit: Ligaya Dancel Magdirila


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