WATCH: Kids Were Asked “What is Love?” and Of Course the Answers are Hilarious!


Like, really? Does anyone ever, really, know? Even Haddaway didn’t exactly answer it in his own hit song (baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more…). Is it a feeling? A state of mind? A decision? An accident? A choice? Or merely an idea? Teenagers carry the weight of the world on their shoulders when burdened with young love, twentysomethings keep falling for the f*ckboys and f*ckgirls, and the rest of us are, well, just stumbling their way around. Save for the very lucky few who actually grow old together and #relationshipgoals the hell out of this.

But the bottomline is this. Thousands and thousands of years of human existence, yet this question remains to be one of life’s biggest, most beautiful mysteries: love.

And so, as an ode to Valentine’s Day, US television talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live conducted a magnificent research on the subject. And who better to ask than the wisest, purest, most plain-spoken of all humankind? Yep. The children. They asked the children.

And as expected, hearing their answers will be the best, most hilarious thing you’ll ever hear today. Watch:

Interviewer: “Is there anyone you have a crush on?”
Kid: “It’s a secret. I’m not telling anybody.”
Interviewer: “And so is she your girlfriend?”
Kid: “No. But…she’s beautiful!”

Nailed it.

So. Tell us. For you, what is love?

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