WATCH: Jason Mraz’s Collaboration with Filipina Singer Renee Dominique is Everything We Hoped For

It was only a few weeks ago that we heard news of Grammy-award winner Jason Mraz having plans to collaborate with YouTuber Renee Dominique. There were absolutely no hints on what the song would be or the feel it would go for.

They promised to debut the collaboration at his concert stop here in Manila – and the crowds loved it! 

(Jason Mraz in Manila: The Concert Ends, But The Good Vibes Don’t)

No studio recording exists yet obviously, as Mraz is still on tour. However, a fan was able to catch it all on video and it sounds amazing! Dominique’s voice perfectly complements Mraz’s style and the product is another feel-good song you won’t be able to get out of your head. You can check out the performance here: 

The two also performed Lucky together! This was definitely one of those songs I would play on repeat the first time it came out and watching it with Dominique’s own touch gives it a refreshing twist. You can watch it here: 

What did you think of their performances?