WATCH: Italian Filmmaker’s Incredible Video of his Philippine Travels

Being an archipelago of more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines really has a lot to offer any traveler thirsty for adventure. And more. Much, much more. The weary gets rejuvenated, the troubled finds peace, the lost finds his way, and the unsettled, as in many cases, finds home.

This certainly rings true with Fabio Reitano, an Italian filmmaker, as his Philippine adventures not only took him out to boat rides, but on a ride of a lifetime.

On the Vimeo page of his production group, Wow Tapes, he wrote:

“Pristine beaches, turquoise waters, breathtaking paradise landscapes, all make the Philippines simply unforgettable.
Incredibly deep culture and traditions, amazing food, and the warmest people you’ll ever meet, are the reasons you’re gonna want to come back.

Strolling around Manila or Cebu city, living in some remote North Luzon villages, travelling across Leyte and Samar, was as intense as laying on some secluded heavenly beach in Palawan, as chasing waterfalls in Mindanao, as climbing volcanoes in Mindoro and Albay.

Leaving has never been so tough.”

The message is accompanied by his video documentary of his travels in the Philippines, and it is nothing short of moving. Watch:



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