WATCH: Indie Film “Sleepless” Is Going To Be A Series And It Looks Good!

Direk Prime Cruz’s masterpiece, Sleepless, first premiered as a finalist in the 2015 QCinema Film Festival. It instantly became a hit because of its simple yet relatable story, beautiful visuals, and lovable characters.

Sleepless follows two lonely call-center agents who can’t sleep and found each other. Through the night they talk about anything and everything and discover that they have found someone to lean on until the sun comes up. It’s a story of finding peace and serenity even in the chaos of life.

Sleepless film official trailer QCinema International Film Festival Circle Competition Glaiza de Castro Dominic Roco Prime Cruz

The film recently showed in theaters again for Cine Lokal, gaining even more popularity. And because we just can’t get enough of it, it’s now going to be a series!

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Sleepless The Series is a creation of the film’s director, Direk Prime Cruz, and screenwriter Jen Chuaunsu. It stars Albie Casino, Martin Escudero, Mara Lopez, Trina Legaspi, Acey Aguilar, and Shaira Mae.

Check out the trailer below:

According to the Facebook page, Sleepless The Series is a story about “lonely people living in the city and looking for a connection.”

Sounds like a lot of us, huh?

I feel like I will have lots of sleepless nights once this series comes out. Definitely watching out for this!

What do you think of this series? Share it with us!

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