WATCH: Here’s How They Get Those Cars For Display Inside Malls!

Have you ever looked at something and wondered how it got there? For example, an actual car on display inside a mall whose doors could only fit people.

I’m sure we’ve all asked the same question once in our lifetime: how the heck did that car get in here?

I used to come up with all types of possibilities–like mechanics coming into the mall when it’s closed to assemble the car from scratch.

Fortunately, social media has allowed us to finally answer this age-old question–with the help of a video that was posted by Facebook user Lei Orio.

She was able to capture the moment that a new car was going to be placed inside a certain mall to be displayed.

Check it out below:

Yes, the cars go through the mall’s main entrance. The same entrance that people use.

Apparently, it’s possible. I guess all it takes is a skilled driver and great precision.

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So, there you have it. We can all finally sleep in peace tonight. Go forth and do what you want with this information.

How did you think cars got inside malls? Share it with us!

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