WATCH: Here’s An Innovative and Musical Way To Use Your Fidget Spinner

The Fidget Spinner has become a favorite “toy” nowadays–especially for people who can’t sit still without having anything to hold in their hands. It’s basically this tiny contraption that spins so that you can have something to fidget on.

But since humans are just too creative to let a Fidget Spinner just stay as it is–a little spinning toy–a lot of people have come up with a lot of ways to make it just a bit more exciting.

We found one that’s definitely unique and amazing to watch.

Musician and Youtuber Davie504 just posted a video of him using a Fidget Spinner to play a bass guitar! Check it out:

The video has already gotten more than 9 million views on Facebook! And it’s not just because of the cool new use of the Fidget Spinner, but also because of his mad bass guitar skills!

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The Fidget Spinner actually just did a small part of the work, because it’s really this musician’s talent that made it all amazing.

What did you think of this video? Do you have other uses for the Fidget Spinner? Share it with us!

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