LOOK: This Pinay Artist Uses An Unusual Musical Instrument For Her Awesome Song Covers

With all the song covers being added to the huge world of the internet, it’s not easy to find one that stands out.

Well, you don’t have to look any further because we found this amazing musician that uses an instrument I’ve honestly never seen before.

Bea Lorenzo is a musician who uses a Kalimba in doing her covers.

A Kalimba is an African instrument that’s also called a thumb piano. Bea explains it like this:

[It] has a wooden hollow body similar to other instruments. You know how strings on a guitar vibrate to create sound? The thin metal plates mounted on the Kalimba do pretty much the same thing. They also share the same family of instruments as the music box.

One of her latest covers with her kalimba was the Bruno Mars hit ‘That’s What I Like’ and it’s actually amazing.

Check it out below:

Bea shares with WhenInManila.com that she’d usually bring her digital piano to gigs. She found it difficult to move around with the piano. While she owned a guitar and ukelele, she still wanted to use a piano-like instrument to explore chords and harmonies. So, she got a kalimba.

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She also shares that it’s super portable that it can perfectly fit like a book in her backpack!

Bea has been posting a lot of covers for a long time now, so make sure to check out her Facebook page!

What did you think of Bea’s kalimba covers? Share it with us below!