WATCH: GDL Brothers Tried McDo’s Cool, New Self-Ordering Kiosks and Now We Have to Try it Too!

When it comes to new awesome things to try, how can you not want to follow the lead of basketball’s new power pair, the GDL Brothers? The fan-favorite basketball players and brothers, Juan and Javi Gomez de Liaño, star in McDonald’s new video, where it shows them trying out the cool new features of McDo stores in the Philippines.

Watch the GDL Brothers experience a McDonald’s NXTGEN store below!

But what is McDonald’s NXTGEN that the GDL Brothers seem to love?

For the past few months, McDonald’s has been upgrading stores in several areas in the Philippines, not just by giving them new and modern interiors but also through technological and service enhancements seen in other parts of the world. Perhaps you’ve already been to one of them! They’re called the McDonald’s NXTGEN stores.

One upgrade, for example, is the self-ordering kiosks that we saw the GDL Brothers tried in the video to order their favorite McDonald’s treats. These kiosks are digital touch screen boards you can use to order meals. It makes the ordering process more convenient as it allows you to skip the line at the counter and place your order yourself.

McDonald's NXTGEN GDL Brothers Juan Gomez de Liano Javi Gomez de LianoThe GDL Brothers placing their order through the digital self-ordering kiosks

The entire McDonald’s menu is in there, and MORE. McDonald’s Secret Menu is also easily accessible through the self-ordering kiosks! We’ve seen it! Just look for the icon with the lock. And don’t worry, these digital kiosks are very easy to use. Plus, a McDonald’s Guest Experience Leader will be there to assist you.

Just find the friendly McDonald’s staff in bright green!

Even the payment process is now made easier for everyone. Customers now have the option to pay with either cash or any Mastercard and Visa cards through the self-ordering kiosks or at the payment counter.

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mcdonalds nxtgen secret menu 1The Secret Menu is real!

McDonald's NXTGEN GDL Brothers Juan Gomez de Liano Javi Gomez de LianoA Guest Experience Leader will be by the self-ordering kiosks to assist you

If you go to one of the McDonald’s NXTGEN stores, you’ll also notice another major update—the counter where you order your food is now split into two: one for ordering and payments (if you don’t want to use the self-ordering kiosks), and another for picking up your food. This new split-counter system makes the ordering process in McDonald’s more convenient and definitely more efficient.

McDonald's NXTGEN GDL Brothers Juan Gomez de Liano Javi Gomez de Liano

After you’ve placed your order and paid either through the self-ordering kiosks or over the counter, just wait for your number to be flashed in the digital screen above the “Claim” area, and pick up your order there. Oh, and have we mentioned that all menu boards at McDonald’s NXTGEN stores are now digital? Fancy!

McDonald's NXTGEN GDL Brothers Juan Gomez de Liano Javi Gomez de LianoTake a look at those new digital menu boards!

McDonald's NXTGEN GDL Brothers Juan Gomez de Liano Javi Gomez de LianoThe GDL Brothers waiting for their order at the claim counter

These upgrades are all part of McDonald’s efforts to give Pinoys a world-class McDo experience. When Filipinos get to try McDonald’s in other countries and see the NXTGEN stores, they usually say, “Why don’t we have these in the Philippines?” Well, those days are over. Now, you can experience the awesome McDonald’s NXTGEN features right here in the Philippines, just like the GDL Brothers have.

McDonald's NXTGEN McKinley West Secret Menu

We can’t wait to experience these cool new features ourselves!

How about you? Visit a McDonald’s store now to try the NXTGEN experience like the GDL Brothers! See the complete list of McDonald’s NXTGEN stores here to find the one nearest you:

Have you already experienced a McDonald’s NXTGEN store? What did you like most about it? Tell us in the comments!

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