WATCH: From Inspection To Marriage Proposal Real Quick

We’ve all seen unusual marriage proposals, from underwater and sky diving to flash mobs and doing it in the middle of traffic.

But, have you seen one that starts with an inspection by the authorities?

Not yet? Well, here you go. Watch how this man proposed to his girlfriend in Cebu I.T. Park.

As seen on the video, two traffic enforcers halted a man and his girlfriend who were riding a motorcycle. They inspected the ride’s compartment and took out an object. Shortly after the inspection, they asked the man to kneel down. The man then brought out a wedding ring and proposed to his girlfriend. The bystanders started clapping after the girl said yes.

This is by far one of the most unexpected marriage proposals I’ve ever seen. If only all traffic violations end up like this, right?

Anyway, congratulations to these two!

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