WATCH: A Proposal Crossing Borderlines (In A Good Way!)

That’s it. We’re done. This guy officially made it to the top of the most awesome (and full of effort!) proposals this year. Why? Well, let’s not spoil the fun. Let’s just say he really wanted a lot of people to know his intentions to marry his girlfriend (now fiancee because she said yes!).

Have a look at this video posted by Regina Marie Verano on Facebook.

YES. He proposed in the middle of Crossing! What started out as a violation of sorts ended up to be a very memorable moment. Kudos to everyone involved, including the traffic enforcers!

I’m sure that caused traffic for a few minutes but I guess, to the guy, it was all worth it. It’s definitely a moment they’d both remember and look back on!

Dare we say #ProposalGoals?

Congratulations to the both of you!

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What’s your dream proposal moment?