Malasimbo Proposal: A Pact That Turned into Forever

The Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival is always something to look forward to in the Philippines. In fact, I have friends who talk about it non-stop for weeks before the festival happens due to the multi-sensory experience that comes with the event. Aside from that, the awe-inspiring art and world-class music really make for an unforgettable weekend altogether.

Well, the Malasimbo magic was definitely in full swing this year as one happy couple, Franco and Huie, got engaged there last Sunday:

Malasimbo Proposal

Screenshot from Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival’s Facebook page.

The caption with the picture reads: “What Malasimbo magic can do! Franco and Huie’s romance developed during Malasimbo. They then made a pact to go to every Malasimbo Festival! On Sunday, at Malasimbo 2016, Franco proposed, and Huie said “Yes!” Best wishes on your engagement!”

This is definitely one of the cutest and sweetest proposal stories I have ever heard. What’s the sweetest proposal you’ve ever heard? Share them with us, so we can get kilig, too! 🙂

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