WATCH: Franco Mabanta Interviews a Cab Driver Who is Voting for Mar Roxas

Have you decided who your Presidential candidate is? Franco Mabanta shares that he is still undecided. As such, he asks cab drivers who they are voting for every time he gets into a cab to find out their thoughts on the matter.

Franco shares that most cab drivers have replied that they are voting for Duterte, which is why he was surprised one day last month when he came across cab driver Virgilio who stated that he is voting for Mar Roxas. Find out why Mar is his President of choice here:


Franco reminds everyone, though, that “Regardless of who you’re voting for, vote as part of THE THINKING CLASS. Remember that these five candidates are campaigning to have power over us all, so ask the right questions and have sensible, coherent reasons for casting your vote.”

He specifically points out what Virgilio said in the end: “If Duterte or Poe win, I won’t condemn them just because they’re not my candidate. Whoever wins will be the President of the Philippines and no matter what I will always support my President.” “Now that’s what it means to be a Filipino citizen,” says Franco. “Well done, Virgil.”

What do you think of Virgilio’s thoughts? And who are you voting for? Share your reasons with us!

Franco Mabanta


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