Netizen Writes: Why Mar Roxas is the Personification of Honesty and Accountability

After watching the presidential debate, Arpee Lazaro posted on his Facebook page his opinions and observations about the  presidentiables. He writes how Poe is unprepared for presidency, the charming Mayor Duterte and how lost Binay was throughout the debate.

Direct Quote:

I’ve learned a few things after watching the second, no-holds-barred debate.

1. Grace Poe does NOT know what to do if the Philippines is attacked by another country. She has no definitive answers for any question and when confronted with scenario questions, does not know how to answer them. Probably because she does not know the answer at all. And what’s with her public endorsement of Querubin? Ano yun, product placement?

2. Duterte pala is very charming kaya gusto sya ng tao. He reminds me of Erap na hindi mo kayang pikunin kahit ano gawin mo. Sadly, being charming and funny is not enough to be president. I just like the guy more but it doesn’t mean I will vote for him. He conflicts himself so many times and laughs in your face when confronted. He’s OK as a senator or governor. He is good where he is and should stay there.

3. All the news about corruption is getting to Binay. I saw how he lost it in the BTS and how he wouldn’t shake Mar’s hand after the debate. He lost his cool with the issue of the documents and when told he was not allowed to bring his papers, nawala yung composure nya. Binay is desperate to be president because he knows that jail awaits him after his term as VP. Binay has lost his charm is probably worried sick on a daily basis. Sulit naman yung stress nya, mayaman naman na sya.

4. Sorry for this my friends, but even in the BTS i saw how serious Mar Roxas is. The guy is all work all the time! He is a stickler for the rules and looks like he loses sleep if someone violates the law. Mar Roxas is the quintessential sergeant-at-arms and is just the personification of honesty and accountability. I understand now why he’s not winning a lot of hearts, because he is careful with words and also does not mince them. He could never have a career as a stand-up comedian, unlike Duterte, but he is a numbers guy and good follower as he is a leader. He relies on facts and knows the numbers by heart. Mar Roxas will never be my drinking buddy but he will surely make a good president. If you think about it, hindi natin kailangan ng komikero sa Malacanang. Kailangan natin ng disenteng tao, hindi magnanakaw at yung laging seryoso sa trabaho.

Im guessing however stiff Mar Roxas may be, Leni Robredo makes up with her different brand of charm and motherly demeanor. An economist for a President and a lawyer for a Vice President. How can you go wrong?

Netizens commented on the post showing support for the Roxas-Robredo tandem:

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