WATCH: Crocodile climbs gate as if it was nothing

On Facebook, a user was able to capture a video of a large crocodile (or alligator) climbing over the barrier of a military base.

800px Nile crocodile head

The driver who passed along this scene, Christina Stewart from Florida, posted the shocking video on her Facebook page. “And there it goes,” Stewart says in the video, “over the fence.”

In the video, you will see that the gator was able to effortlessly climb over the fence of  Naval Air Station Jacksonville.


After it climbed the fence, it was seen walking around like what it did was nothing. A reptile that is as massive as that one is quite terrifying to see in real life. It is even more frightening to know that they can even climb high fences as if it was nothing.

The officials of NAS Jacksonville mentioned they don’t plan to take any action against the animal unless when the comes that will already be a threat to the residents in the area.

“If you are new to Florida or have been here for years when you see water, assume an alligator could be in it,” they posted on Facebook.

“We have several on the base and they don’t respect our security measures. On the serious side, always be aware with small children and pets. Golfers be aware and watch where you stick your hands. Do not approach them ever!” they added.

The video has been viewed more than 2 million times.

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