WATCH: Couple Tells Story of their Break Up Through Dance

IaMme Crew tells the story: “Tam Rapp and Phillip Chbeeb have been dating for about a year. The relationship ended recently due to circumstances beyond their control…Timing. Their sadness and love drove them to create a piece that represented their relationship’s ups and downs. They took a step back from the societal norms of how to go about a break up and chose to express the respect, joy, pain, and stress that made their year together unforgettable.

This project culminates the feeling of getting to know someone through the image you project on top of them…and inevitably falling for them to the point that you lose yourself. They are still close friends and are happy they can share this small part of their lives with you all.”

Sometimes relationships just don’t work out no matter how hard people try. And sometimes, in those instances, the only thing left to do is…to let go. Watch the dance routine here:

Phillip Chbeeb, one of the choreographers and dancers in the routine, captions it himself:

“I love you.
I don’t know you.
You love who?
I don’t know who.
We’ve touched but I’ve never felt you.
We’ve spoke but I’ve never heard you.
We’ve met but I’ve never seen you.
The woman I created in my mind is blocking my view.
She’s not real… but until she dies… neither are you.”

Have you felt these before when going through a break-up? Did the dance resonate? Share your thoughts with us.