WATCH: ‘Cooking Mama’ Game is Back and Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Who could ever forget the game Cooking Mama? I don’t know about you, but it was by playing that game that a passion for cooking sparked within me (even though, until now, I have not learned how to cook). But now, we can all pretend to be chefs and craft delicious picture-perfect meals with the all-new Cooking Mama: Cookstar coming to the Nintendo Switch!

Cooking Mama Cookstar

This will be the first time a Cooking Mama game will be released since its last one in 2017 made for the Nintendo 3DS. According to the leaked trailer video below, it will feature over 90 recipes including stir-fry vegetables, chocolate chip cookies, and even a rainbow grilled cheese sandwich!

The game will also make use of the Nintendo Switch’s unique features such as the joy-cons and its motion sensors to chop, rotate, flip, and move ingredients, cookware, and utensils.

The game was also revealed to have a March 2020 launch and will cost USD39.99 (over PHP 2,000) SRP.

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