WATCH: Chris Hemsworth thanks fans on Twitter while doing bicep curls

Chris Hemsworth is an angel. He is our perfect golden retriever while still managing to portray the (arguably) strongest Avenger on our movie screens.

He’s a beautiful man, has the cutest accent, and makes us do double takes during thunderstorms, wishing that the thunder brought him along, too! Plus, he’s a dad (and he’s super good at it)!

Which is why when he graces our Twitter feeds with his face (and his biceps), we all collectively swoon.

He truly is mighty even when he’s not being Thor!

To thank fans around the world for making Avengers: Infinity War the highest grossing superhero film of all time, he recorded a little video giving thanks to everyone for helping them achieve that feat. He’s so sweet, I’m tearing up.

Check out his video here:

We’re so honored to be so loved by this wonderful man.

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