WATCH: Cat’s Reaction to Durian Will Make You Laugh!

Do you still remember those viral videos of cats jumping really high after seeing a cucumber? Well, a funny video featuring a cat is spreading online once again. The culprit? Durian. Yes, the tropical fruit that is known for its peculiar scent yet delicious taste. Talk about a love-hate relationship with a fruit.

Check out the video below.

The cat’s reaction upon sniffing durian can be explained in just one word: shookt. After doing a quick and dirty research, we found out that some owners really try to make their cats smell and eat durian. However, some of them like it. I guess, same with humans, it’s an acquired taste.

However, on a more serious note, durian is not an appropriate diet for cats. So if you ever feel like trying this at home with your furry feline friend, make sure not to let them eat it.

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