WATCH: Captain Marvel’s new trailer explains why she had to punch a grandmother

One of the funnier controversies that emerged with Captain Marvel’s first theatrical trailer was the quick shot of her punching a grandma. Some viewers were initially confused, but of course, most of us knew it was probably just a skrull in disguise.

Today’s newly released trailer confirms that suspicion by giving us nearly twenty seconds of Carol Danvers going toe-to-toe with an elderly lady. All of this is, of course, explained by a voice-over that describes what — and who — the skrulls are.

This trailer clears up quite a bit more than just that little tidbit. If the first trailer left you slightly confused (as it did with me) then this new one has the answers you’re looking for. It goes a bit into our titular character’s background and hints at a very human past. One of the scenes could even be pointing to a conversion of sorts, where it looks like they infuse her with kree DNA (?) — in some way.

Aside from offering more information, the trailer in itself is a more fulfilling tease of the film than the first one. It fully puts Carol Danvers in the front and center, whereas the first trailer still strongly relied on the presence of Nick Fury. Another complaint fans had (which this trailer answers) is getting a stronger voice from Captain Marvel.

She was still pretty much a blank slate in the previous trailer, but this one shows a bit more emotion, a bit more motive.

And of course, that end clip of Fury with the cat was just adorable.

What did you think of the trailer? Did you catch something that we weren’t able to? Let us know!