WATCH:’s Latest Travel Video in the Philippines

Filipino-American rapper of The Black Eyed Peas posted a video of his recent trip to various parts of the Philippines on his official Facebook page and Instagram account.

apldeapk1, whose real name is Allan Pineda Lindo, was born in Pampanga before he moved to the US. Thus, he took his travel companions to his hometown in Angeles, Pampanga. The video shows the rapper and his friends frolicking on the beach, swimming with butanding, boating, partying, playing street basketball, eating Filipino food, and basically just showing that “It’s more fun in the Philippines!“. Some of the destinations featured in the video include Boracay, Bohol, Intramuros, among others.

Watch it here:

On his Facebook post, wrote: “The Philippines will always be home, and I feel forever fortunate to call it as such. The people, the food, the sights – it’s something that everyone has to experience. Recently, I was lucky enough to bring some great friends back to experience the Philippines for the first time, and for others, to become reacquainted with the islands”.

Do you have any travel videos of your own to share? 🙂