Apl.de.Ap Enjoys ‘Sand Spa’ with Friends at Lahar-Covered Foothill Spa Near Mt. Pinatubo

It looks like Apl.de.Ap took a short break with friends in his hometown, Pampanga.

He posted on his Facebook page photos that show how they experienced the sand spa in Puning Hot Spring.

Puning Hot Spring is a wellness and relaxation destination at the lahar-covered foothill of Mt. Pinatubo. It is popular as a jumpoff station prior to going to Mt. Pinatubo.

Aside from the spa, they also enjoyed a sumptuous feast, which said are for “kings and queens”.

He captioned the album with:

There’s a special place in my heart for the Puning Hot Springs. Located just outside of my hometown Pampanga, the Puning Hot Springs lay at the end of a mountain pass reached by 4×4 Jeeps. Once there, my friends and I were treated to a pool of natural hot springs and sand spa.

We feasted like kings and queens to a succulent lechon and lovely chorus of locals. This is something everyone must experience. So come experience my country and enjoy.

Here are some photos from his Facebook page.

Apl de Ap Puning (5) Apl de Ap Puning (6) Apl de Ap Puning (7) Apl de Ap Puning (1) Apl de Ap Puning (2) Apl de Ap Puning (3) Apl de Ap Puning (4)

It looks like a recharging vacation.

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