WATCH: An Awesome Rockin’ Jam Session (Sa Bukid)

Crazy skills right here!

Usually, when we have some fun time jamming with our friends, it’s in the garage, or a studio, or a vacant room. Also, we do it for fun! Sometimes, we sound a little off, but hey, it’s for a good laugh and for a good time.

These guys, though, had a different plan. They shot a cover video in the middle of a farm and they sound immensely cool, too! Keep rockin’ it, guys!

This is Deuterium Band and on this video, they covered Wolfgang’s Halik ni Hudas. With the sound quality and the way they rocked it out like this, they definitely deserve a big round of applause, don’t you think?

This band is composed of:

  • Rommel Ramos on guitar
  • Jeff Santiago on vocals
  • Kiko Urquico on drums
  • Bryson Borlongan on bass

Such potential right there, diba, guys? I loved the fact that they shot this in the bukid yet they still sounded completely awesome like that. Cool!

Tag your friends and do a unique cover, too!