WATCH: American Horror Story Reveals MORE Teasers For Season 6

WATCH American Horror Story Reveals MORE Teasers For Season 6


Horrorheads are excited for September 14, the premiere of the sixth season of American Horror Story. A new season means the same cast in new roles, and possibly a story more twisted than the last five. Season 1 was about a haunted house, followed by a mental hospital, a witches’ coven, a freakshow, then a haunted hotel. But as the sixth season will premiere soon, fans are wondering, what will it be about?

AHS revealed the first batch of trailers, and the show’s creators have revealed three more. For the second batch, one shows an eerie-looking family with glowing eyes walking in a field amidst the setting sun, another shows a millipede crawling down a girl’s face, and the last shows a doctor stapling a man’s head. Like the first batch of trailers, these prominently feature a question mark and the number six.

AHS co-creator Ryan Murphy said that all of the seasons are interconnected. So we wonder how the sixth season will relate to the previous ones.

Watch the teasers below:

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