WATCH: American Horror Story Reveals 3 New Teasers for Season 6

WATCH American Horror Story Reveals 3 New Teasers for Season 6

American Horror Story changed television by bringing scares normally reserved for the big screen to the small screen. It is also known for its anthology format, where each season has a rotating cast with different stories. Season 1 was about a haunted house, followed by a mental hospital, a witches’ coven, a freakshow, then a haunted hotel. But as the sixth season will premiere in September, fans are wondering, what will it be about?

FOX released a series of teasers on Snapchat, and they look promising. One shows smoke billowing out of a chimney, followed by the sounds of a chainsaw and a woman screaming. Another shows a mobile over a crib, with a knife hanging. The last shows a woman running down a steel staircase and hands trying to grab her. All of the teasers prominently feature a question mark and the number six.

AHS co-creator Ryan Murphy said that all of the seasons are interconnected. So we wonder how the sixth season will relate to the previous ones.

Watch the teasers below:

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