WATCH: A Power Rangers Koreanovela Parody with Jinri Park?!

We have seen a LOT of mashups/crossovers in YouTube.

However, have we seen a video combining Power Rangers and a Koreanovela?

No? Well, that sounds pretty unique.

WATCH-A-Power-Rangers-Koreanovela-Parody-with-Jinri-Park-1Chris and Alven get a hint of inspiration

YouTuber Chris Cantada played with combining the two genres in his latest video that paired him with one of the hottest model/actress/DJs in the world, Jinri Park.

Catch Chris and Jinri star in this YouTube video that features elements of a Koreanovela and Power Rangers.

This video also features Alven Villavicencio (a former co-host of Jinri at Monster Radio RX 93.1 and a fellow actor of Chris in the Mythos mini-series) and Sponge Cola member Ted Mark Cruz. In a way, this video serves as a mini Sponge Cola and The Quick Fix reunion rolled into one. Speaking of this video, don’t be surprised if a certain power ranger, makes a small cameo appearance.

My Ranger From The Stars (feat. Jinri Park)

WATCH-A-Power-Rangers-Koreanovela-Parody-with-Jinri-Park-coverJinri and the Green Ranger?!

What do you think of this collaboration?
Did you see the SURPRISE celebrity at the start of the video?

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