WATCH: 6 Song Covers by Former Child Stars CJ Navato and Kristel Fulgar

Former child stars CJ Navato and Kristel Fulgar are now making waves as YouTube Stars. The two were both from ABS-CBNs Goin’ Bulilit and are now 19 and 21, respectively. With millions of views and thousand of shares on their videos, the two quickly became viral stars and instant #CoupleGoals though they have clarified in a recent interview that they are not a couple and had “friendzoned” each other.

Their first duet was uploaded April of 2016 which was a cover of The Little Mix and Jason Derulo‘s “A Secret Love Song.” The two quickly became the topic of discussions online as people were left in awe of the two stars’ awesome talents. Since its upload, the video has now reached 3 million views!

Here are 5 of CJ and Kristel’s best song covers!

Secret Love Song

The song that started it all. With this song constantly being sung in karaokes, played on radios, and performed in concerts like The Little Mix’s and Jason Derulo’s, this definitely was on the right timing.

Marvin Gaye

Reppin’ their friendzoned jacket, this cover of Marvin Gaye is Kristel and CJ’s most viewed video. Many netizens quickly commented that the two should get an album soon.

I Was Made For Loving You

“KILIG,” one netizen reacted. The chemistry between these two is undeniable, especially if they are singing slow love songs! Don’t you think?

Pag-Ibig Na Kaya

This is CJ and Kristel’s first take on an OPM song. It’s pretty good and the video is really adorable too!

All For You

K-Pop fans are in for a treat as Kristel and CJ covers All For You. How awesome is it that Kristel can speak Korean?

 CARaoke Challenge

The most recent addition to their videos is the CARaoke Challenge where they sang hundreds of songs. Their voices sound awesome and they are just sitting there, so chill.

With one share after another, CJ and Kristel are surely two online stars that you cannot miss. Gone are the days of their comedy stints in Goin’ Bulilit; they are now stars in their own right. We’d love to know the real score, though. Just look how cute they are together!