Want to Know Who UNFRIENDED You on Facebook? This App Lets You Do That

facebook - unfriend

Wondering who cut you off the virtual world of friendship?

An app called “Who Deleted Me for Facebook” lets you discover who among your friends have removed you. However, it isn’t capable of letting you know who among your friends “unfriended” you in the past, as it only start recording once it is downloaded. So, if you want to start keeping track, better install it immediately.

This app is available for mobile, on both Android and iOS. It is also available as a Chrome extension.

Upon installation, Who Deleted Me for Facebook notifies you whenever someone deletes you from their list.

However, the app has been experiencing a few problems according to a post on Mashable. App developer Anthony Kuske told Mashable that the has been app crashing due to an influx of traffic. Many users are complaining that it fails to load on Google Play.

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