Wanderskye Luggage Covers: Set It, Stretch It, Zip It, Move It

For the frequent flyer and the constant traveler, a good bag is an indispensable companion. During those long flights, layovers, bus rides and stopovers, a lot of things can go wrong that might dirty or damage your expensive travel bag.  


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Wanderskye was founded by Mikel Larrañaga and Bianca Sevilla after traveling across the globe and immersing themselves in different cultures and got inspired to create something that will protect their bags from wear and tear while being stylish as well. This makes Wanderskye a proudly Filipino brand.


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When I got this assignment, I was asked to choose one of their new designs: Para Diyan, Shades of Life, Great Inventions and the Blue Quote Guru which were all designed by local artists. I chose the “Shades of Life” design because it looked like it had the spirit of travelling. (Prices are at PHP 1195.00 for the Small, PHP 1395.00 for the Medium and PHP 1595.00 for the Large.)



Color Your World

Wanderskye Para Diyan


Wanderskye Great Invention

Wanderskye Blue Quote Guru


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 Shades of Life


Aside from looking good, Wanderskye also protects your bad from dirt and scratches or in my case, hides the scratches! Inspecting the cover, it has holes on both of the sides aside from the top part for the handle just in case your bag has side handles. I don’t know what the fabric is made of, but it is really stretchable and best of all, it is machine washable.


Wanderskye 7


So when either going out of town or even out of the country, look up Wanderskye to give your boring and old (probably heavily scratched like mine) luggage bag a breath of new life and the spirit for travelling!

And we are giving away TWO MEDIUM LUGGAGE COVERS of any of the following designs: Para Diyan, Shades of Life, Great Inventions and Blue Quote Guru to luck readers! How?


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Wanderskye Luggage Covers