VIRAL: Netizen Posts Photo of How Buses Treat The Yellow Lanes and MMDA Barriers

“HARANG NA, DROP OFF PA! Wow these plastic barriers!” 

This is how the netizen addressed his photo of a bus disrespectfully dropping off passengers OUTSIDE the yellow lane.

Bus drop off mmda barriers

Source: Rj Banzon’s Facebook Account

Furthermore, he questioned LTO, MMDA, and HPG’s if such act is part of their agenda for Buses. Read the full caption below:

so ‪#‎LTO‬ and ‪#‎MMDA‬/ ‪#‎HPG‬, is this part of your agenda for Buses?!

First you make that NO Private Cars on Bus Lanes but allow Buses on Private lane with the “help” of your plastic barriers…

Now you ALLOW DROP OFFS between your Plastic barriers?!!

‪#‎LTFRB‬, Do you have any part in this?

Previously, we also shared photos, even a video,  of bus drivers disrespecting MMDA and LTFRB’s initiative to stay inside the yellow lane. If you remember, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority or MMDA recently implemented and initiated traffic rules and regulations to manage the horrendous traffic in EDSA. According to MMDA, private cars can’t use bus lanes anymore. Otherwise, you’d be fined for P500.

buses unloading in edsa

Unfortunately, with several photos shared over the internet, it seems like these bus drivers don’t care at all. (Including other people who cannot wait and lazy to walk from the bus stop to wherever!)

Sadly, this is the reality. Just like the song by Rob Base, DJ EZ Rock, “it takes two to make things go right.” If we are hungry for change, let’s start with ourselves.

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