Veloci Camo Watches: Top Quality and Fashion at an Affordable Price


Italian-inspired Veloci watches, maker of affordable yet fashionable wristwatches, just released their holiday Camo collection based on their popular Pulse series and we were invited for a sneak peek!


With an urban-utilitarian look yet very functional style, the standard issue Veloci Camo has all the basic necessities one could ask for in a watch: dual time display, water resistant up to 100 meters, alarm, a cool electro luminescent display and, most important of all, a stopwatch. These features are functional for people on-the-go, especially for BPO folks like me. I actually use the stopwatch function every time I take my breaks since being on time is very important.

Veloci 9

Aside from the pure digital version of the Pulse, it also comes in a hybrid analog-digital form, which is quite the looker and you can also choose from several combinations of black, red, blue, green and gray.

Insider top tip: I was told that the Camo in red and black is the bestseller. I honestly think it is the best-looking of the collection, too, and not bad for PHP2,350!


I do have several watches in my collection, most of which are analog automatic, but an addition is always a welcome one. I was pleasantly surprised when I got my Veloci Camo in urban gray, it is well made and feels great; the dial is readable; the digital screen is crisp; and the electroluminescence is bright and clear. With all the functions that were mentioned and the great quality of the watch, it certainly isn’t a bad deal for PHP2,950!


Possibly the best of the Camo series, the Veloci Camo Active. It has everything the Camo has and more! Better build in terms of a stainless steel inner and outer bezel, water resistant rated up to 200 meters, shock resistance, inverted LCD plus a scratch resistant mineral screen! Not bad for PHP4,250! It doesn’t just look the part in camp green; it plays the part, as well!


I had a pleasant time during the press meet to play around with the watches. I had seen and heard about Veloci before when I visited the malls and their ever-present presence online, especially on social media, but I had never actually seen one up close until that day. It was such a surprise that a quality timepiece with the bells and whistles can be had at such a reasonable price. To be a bit different from my usual formal watches, I chose the urban grey digital-analog Camo and got complimented by my peers at work thinking that it was a much more expensive watch than it was!

So, if you are looking for a watch that is good-looking, functional, tough and reasonably priced, Veloci’s holiday Camo collection deserves a look. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you can have for so little.

Veloci Camo