Vatos Urban Tacos Combines Korean and Mexican Cuisine – and We Love It!

Written by: Danelle Go / Photography by: Chloe King

Who would’ve thought that two opposite ends of the food spectrum could come together in such perfect harmony? Thanks to Vatos Urban Tacos, BGC’s newest gem, we have now learned that Korean and Mexican cuisines, a seemingly unlikely pairing, can come together in perfect harmony (and especially perfect harmony for those who love a little spice in their life).

Vatos Urban Tacos is the brainchild of 3 Koreans-Americans—Sid and Kenny, who grew up in Southern California, and Juweon, who was raised in Texas. Thanks to their rich cultural heritage as Koreans and the authentic Mexican food they grew up surrounded by, these three decided to share this unique fusion with the world.

Since then, Vatos has branched out to Korea, Singapore, and now the Philippines as of early in 2018. They’ve even gotten recognition from news outlets like GMA 7 and ANC.

Most of the items on Vatos’ menu include classics from both Korean and Mexican cuisines that have added twists.

Honey Tequila Chicken Wings, P420

One of their bestsellers (and my personal favorite) would be their Honey Tequila Chicken Wings. This dish is Vatos’ take on buffalo-style hot wings, but are instead marinated in an amazingly sweet and spicy sauce made out of honey and tequila, topped with deep-fried jalapenos, and served with a bleu cheese dipping sauce. If you’re in the mood for an amped up version of a classic, this is one to try!

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Kimchi Carnitas, P390

Another bestselling classic on their list is the Kimchi Carnitas fries! This dish is sort of the encapsulation of Kor-Mex fusion. I mean, French fries topped with pulled pork, onions, and sautéed kimchi? Honestly, it was incredible! I couldn’t get enough of it, and neither will you!

Wagyu Galbi Short Rib Tacos, P580

On top of these two already amazing dishes, they also have Galbi Soft Tacos (which is probably the dish to be most recommended)! This dish looks really simple; but when you take a bite, it’s packed with flavor from the sauteed onions to the perfectly seared Korean-style Galbi beef to the soft handmade tortilla that holds it all together.

To wash all of these amazing dishes down, Vatos serves an amazing array of drinks from cocktails to craft beers, all designed to keep you wanting more! These cool drinks are even IG-worthy with their cool presentation.

The Gold Digger, P480

Just take a look at the beer bottle hanging on top of their Vatos Rita, which is the restaurant’s unique take on a Margarita. But if you’re looking for a more traditional drink, Vatos also offers classic margaritas. Oh, and they’re so big, they’re good for sharing!

Even better, Vatos recently included an all-day breakfast menu to their already killer menu!

Chorizo Kimchi Fried Rice, P330

One of the highlights would definitely be the Kimchi Chorizo rice bowl. This dish serves as the perfect starter to your day with just the right amount of spice from the kimchi and salty tang from the chorizo. Oh, and it’s also topped with a fried egg, which is probably as good as it’s gonna get, right?

Actually, it can still get better! Right now, Vatos has a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Promo with each day promoting a different buy 1 get 1 item, so you get to try a bit of everything!

Awesome, huh? We can’t get enough, and you won’t, either! Whether you’re in the mood for a spiced up breakfast, Korean/Mexican classics, or cool drinks; Vatos is the place for you.

Vatos Urban Tacos

Net Park Building, 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City



Instagram: @vatosphilippines


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