Upgrade Your Content Creation Skills With YGG Pilipinas’ Latest Course At Web3 Metaversity

Gaming is now a lifestyle, and everyone is into it. A lot of groups, companies, and organizations, are working together to improve and ensure that the community is safe and educational. Just like YGG. Yield Guild Games (YGG) is a Filipino-led gaming organization that has been making waves in the digital gaming industry by allowing players to earn real money by playing blockchain-based games. YGG is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that acquires in-game assets and rents them out to players, sharing the profits through its governance token. The organization has become a major player in the play-to-earn ecosystem, particularly in the Philippines, where gaming has become a way of life for many.

The new course, “Being a Content Creator in Web3,” will be taught by the experienced content creator and game streamer Een Mercado, who has been instrumental in the success of YGG’s Web3 Metaversity program. Mercado’s lectures will cover essential topics such as creating a personal brand, determining earning opportunities, and selecting the right content for certain topics.

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Photo by: YGG Pilipinas (Een Mercado)

According to YGG Content Lead Mercado, content creation has become increasingly relevant as people seek to consume more media that helps them learn new things, engage with like-minded individuals, and grow together as members of the Web3 space. She also added that the stigma around content creation not being a proper profession is now out of the window, citing her experience as living proof.

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Photo: YGG

YGG’s Web3 Metaversity program has already produced numerous success stories, with some of its graduates already making a living through content creation and gaming. With the addition of the new course, more individuals can have access to credible and reliable sources of information that can help them leverage income-generating opportunities.

YGG’s latest initiative to include a new content creation and streaming course in its Web3 Metaversity program is a significant step towards educating and empowering the growing gaming and content creation community in the Philippines. As digital infrastructure continues to expand online, YGG’s move will undoubtedly significantly impact the gaming and content creation industry by providing opportunities for individuals and brands to communicate with their audiences.

Moreover, with the rising popularity of blockchain-based games and the Web3 space, it is essential for newcomers to have access to credible and reliable sources of information. YGG’s educational program aims to address this need by providing courses on different aspects of gaming and content creation, including personal branding, streaming equipment, recommended software, earning opportunities, and content creation strategies.

With the newest course on Web3 Metaversity, the digital space will be easier to navigate and communicate to different target audiences, especially as the Philippine economy starts to expand online. 

For more information on joining the Web3 Metaversity, visit YGG PH Community or its Discord server.