BlockchainSpace Founder Peter Ing Highlights the Power of Gaming NFTs at PH Web3 Festival

The recent Philippine Web3 Festival brought Filipino gamers, crypto, NFT, and web3 enthusiasts together—along with those who wanted to learn about these topics and everything web3. BlockchainSpace, led by its founder Peter Ing, was one of the organizers of the event and helped shed some light on important topics surrounding web3, particularly gaming NFT.

Peter Ing, BlockchainSpace, NFT Gaming, Philippine Web3 Festival

Image: Peter Ing at the PH Web3 Festival. Photo via BlockchainSpace

Peter Ing and BlockchainSpace

Peter Ing, the founder and CEO of BlockchainSpace, is a fintech and remittance firm expert with over 15 years of experience. He and BlockchainSpace have a lot to do with NFT gaming in the Philippines. Starting from a co-working space in Makati in 2018, BlockchainSpace has always been about educating Filipinos on web3 and blockchain, until it pivoted to building online communities through guilds.

BlockchainSpace is a one-stop-shop for guilds, which are basically communities of gamers working together to earn gaming NFTs. Running a guild can take a lot of work. BlockchainSpace makes the task of guild managing much easier, efficient, and legitimized by helping provide them with the infrastructure they need to run and grow.

Currently, BlockchainSpace works with over 24,000 guilds and more than 2 million players, helping them flourish in the metaverse through its Guild Partner Program and activations. And as Ing mentioned at the PH Web3 Festival, they hope to help educate more Filipinos, and grow the Philippine NFT gaming and web3 community three times in the coming years.

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The Power of Gaming NFT

Miccolo Solis Peter Ing, BlockchainSpace, NFT Gaming, Philippine Web3 Festival

Image: Miccolo Solis and Peter Ing. Photo via @MiccoloSolis

With NFTs, the value is in owning assets, Peter Ing explained. He talked about this in his discussion with web3 content creator Miccolo Solis at the PH Web3 Festival. Ing said, “You’re putting in time, and you know that those assets, in the future, they belong to you. They don’t just belong to the game itself, right? So then, in the future, if you want to monetize, and people use your assets, the money comes back to you, right?

Solis agreed and added that you can even make a career out of it, such as him and his colleagues. “You can easily do it,” the young creator said. “There’s a lot of great creators here in the Philippines. There’s a lot of opportunities, especially here in the Philippines.”

Watch the discussion here:

For the uninitiated, NFTs or non-fungible tokens are unique and irreplicable tokens on the blockchain. They can come in any digital format, like drawings, music, contracts, and more, but can also represent real-world objects like art and music. They can also be used for the preservation of intellectual property, ensuring ownership is recognized globally.

Gaming NFTs, specifically, are NFTs that you earn or obtain through play-to-earn NFT games. One example of a play-to-earn game is Axie Infinity, which gained popularity in the Philippines in 2020 when Filipinos were looking for alternative ways to earn income due to the pandemic.

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Peter Ing, BlockchainSpace, NFT Gaming, Philippine Web3 Festival

Image: BlockchainSpace booth at the PH Web3 Festival. Photo via BlockchainSpace

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