BlockchainSpace: The One-Stop-Shop for All Web3 Gaming Guilds’ Needs

In 2020, the NFT-based monster-battling online video game Axie Infinity went from having 800 players to 3 million. How did such a platform amass a large number of people that quickly? A large part of it is thanks to the proliferation of gaming guilds and their “scholarship” system.

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But what is a gaming guild?

Gaming guilds on the subject of Web3 are organizations of people who possess a collection of gaming NFTs. Through “scholarships,” investors of the guild loan their NFTs to their community members to play Web3 games. Rewards earned are then shared among the guild. In essence, these gaming guilds work like traditional businesses where there’s an employer and an employee who is paid for their talent and services that contribute to the overall growth and development of the company.

Thus, gaming guilds also encounter the same problems that traditional businesses would. And if these guilds aren’t prepared or well-equipped with the right tools to partake in the metaverse, they won’t be able to stay afloat.

This is where BlockchainSpace comes in.

BlockchainSpace is the one-stop-shop for all guilds’ needs, hailed as the leading data aggregator and infrastructure provider for guilds and Web3 projects to assist them in solving all their metaverse problems. It was founded and is led by fintech expert Peter Ing, who brought in over 4,500 supporters from across the globe by December of last year.


[L-R] Jen Bilango, Guild Hub General Manager, LLGMobius Founder Lucas Low, MVP CEO Gerb Inajada, and BlockchainSpace (BSPC) CEO and Founder Peter Ing discussed the role of guilds in the metaverse, opportunities and challenges of guilds and BSPC’s commitment to guild empowerment during the launch of Guild Hub.

To date, BlockchainSpace enables over 24,000 Guilds and 2 million players to scale in the Metaverse, successfully managing and growing their communities which include some of the space’s most experienced and credible members. From training players to offering financial assistance, BlockchainSpace does it all, thanks to its various features and programs:

  • Guild Partner Program: an exclusive membership that offers education, tools, and financing to help gaming guilds mitigate the risks that may affect their survival. Since its launch in March 2022, a total of 54 guilds have already been onboarded to the program.
  • Kaizen Guild Management System: This system is powered by BlockchainSpace’s extensive database of information on guilds, gamers, and game titles worldwide. Kaizen aids guild owners and managers to make wise data-driven decisions based on key patterns and valuable insights, allowing them to manage their core functions, such as HR Management, Earnings Forecasts, Performance Data, and Payout Automation.
  • Kozo Dashboard: a one-pager report that BlockchainSpace sends to guild owners and managers which shows insights on Global Guild Data, Performance by Region, and Top 5 Guilds by Number of Members per Region that guilds can use to compare their current performance and strategies.
  • Guild Hub: This newly-launched platform aims to solve the issues of guild legitimacy, guaranteeing a more effective way of policing the community and ensuring that all guilds are accounted for and safe to partner with. With Guild Hub, guilds are provided a “Guild Profile”, a BSPC-issued identity that allows them to access several projects and platforms and view services, platforms, products, crypto on-ramps and off-ramps, news, and analytics.

Some of the games that BlockchainSpace has recently partnered with are the historical play-to-earn warfare game Medieval Empires as well as the action-packed multiplayer RPG TimeLeap Industries. The list, of course, continues to grow every month, with more and more guilds also being added to BlockchainSpace’s roster for mutually-beneficial collaborations. Not only that but BlockchainSpace consistently finds ways to give back to its community through outreach programs, educational seminars, contests, and in-person meet-ups.

Truly, BlockchainSpace has positioned itself to be the essential tool for opening up a brighter, more successful future for all gaming guilds as Web3 ushers in the next Internet revolution to provide better livelihoods and more economic opportunities for Filipinos.

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