UPGRADE: A Daily Dose of this Probiotic Drink With Prebiotic Fibers Can Help Boost the Immune System

Do you love Probiotic drinks? We do, too! After all, we hear all the time how Probiotics are really good not just for gut health, but for the immune system as well. But did you know that the Probiotic drinks you love might not really be that effective if they’re not supported by Prebiotic Fibers?

Enter: Dutch Mill Delight.

Dutch Mill Delight Probiotics Drink with Prebiotic Fibers cultured milk

The problem with drinks only containing Probiotics

Probiotics can easily be eliminated in our body the moment we consume them. Our digestive system contains natural acids that help break down the food that we eat, including bacteria. This means when we consume Probiotics, they break down and die easily in our harsh stomach condition, preventing them from working to their full potential and can become just a merely good taste.

Clinically proven that for Probiotics to be truly effective, is when it’s combined with Prebiotics. Prebiotics are specialized plant fibers that act as food for good bacteria like Probiotics. How? Because Prebiotic Fibers are food/fuel to Probiotics, keeping them alive in our stomach. Prebiotic Fibers help Probiotics last longer in our system so they can work to keep us healthy. Isn’t that amazing that the little Probiotics in our gut are really alive and need food, just like us human to survive in a battlefield?

Which is why if you love Probiotic drinks, you shouldn’t settle for one that has just Probiotics. You should find one that contains both Probiotics and Prebiotic Fibers in them — just like Dutch Mill Delight.

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The only drink in the Philippines with Probiotics and Prebiotic Fibers

Dutch Mill Delight is the first and currently only cultured milk drink in the Philippines that has a Duo Active combination of Probiotics and Prebiotic Fibers — which means this drink works better than other cultured milk brands. Plus, Dutch Mill Delight’s Prebiotic Fiber content is scientifically proven to work better than just Probiotics alone.

So what benefits can you get from Dutch Mill Delight? With a daily dose of this drink, you can experience a stronger immunity, of course! And not to mention a healthier, happier gut.

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Compared to just Probiotics that easily dissolve in the body, the combination of Probiotics and Prebiotic Fibers in Dutch Mill Delight can help you achieve better digestion and an even healthier immune system. After all, you get the power of two, not just one.

And at this time when virus is all around us, we could all benefit from having a strong army of good bacteria to keep sickness away.

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Dutch Mill Delight first launched in the Philippines in 2016, and since then has been quite popular among young families, active individuals, and working professionals. And how can it not? Aside from its wonderful, immunity boosting qualities, it’s also delicious. It’s the perfect, healthy drink!

Want to know more about the powerful combination of Probiotics and Prebiotic Fibers? You can watch this video to know more about Dutch Mill Delight:

Dutch Mill Delight comes in two sizes — 100 ml and 400 ml — and is available at all leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. Dutch Mill 100 ml is also available via direct-to-home delivery services courtesy of Dutch Mill Delight Experts, in Metro Manila and selected provincial areas.

Have you upgraded your Probiotic drink to Dutch Mill Delight? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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