Up Your Adventure Photo Game with These 5 Must-Have GoPro Accessories

More and more Filipinos are now discovering the benefits and wonders of travel. This is due in large part to the power of social media where even just a photo can inspire. For travelers, sharing their trips to social platforms is less of a concern than capturing these great moments. In order to do that, vacationers and thrill-seekers had chosen to also invest on quality cameras. Their (read: our) choice? GoPro.

I’ve been a fangirl of GoPro action cameras ever since I’d gotten my Hero 3+ two years ago. This trusty cam had been with me through most of my adventures and I have only good things to say about its performance and functions. I have even better things to say about its outstanding after-sales services! But as any GoPro owners out there will tell you, sooner or later, you’ll find that having just a GoPro is not be enough. There will come a time when you’ll realize that your GoPro may take wide-angle shots but a groufie still looks awkward AF when your face is the largest thing in the picture, or that while it may be waterproof, accidentally dropping and losing it to the depths of the ocean is a real and ever present danger. A GoPro may be a lot of things but it is not unsinkable – at least, not in itself. This is where Global Gears come in, and thank god for them!

Global Gears is dedicated to bringing high quality tech products to Filipinos. They partner with only the most trust-worthy retailers and suppliers which makes dealing with them quick and absolutely hassle-free! They carry products from the popular GoPro companion brands Sandmarc and Wasabi, including these 5 awesome accessories your GoPro needs to capture share-worthy photos (and avoid premature damage or loss). So, whether you’re going surfing or mountain climbing, it’s time to accessorize your trusty adventure cam and achieve an Instagram feed worthy of NatGeo.

5 Must-have Accessories for Your GoPro

5. Sandmarc Pole Black Edition v2 (Php2,180)

Sandmarc’s most popular pole should be in your arsenal of GoPro accessories. It has a waterproof sleek black matte finish and is furnished with a rubber grip to ensure it won’t slip from your fingers and tumble down the gaping maw of a cliff while you’re taking a selfie. There’s also an adjustable wrist strap to double that assurance.

sandmarc black edition pole

The Sandmarc Black Edition Pole v2 retracts to 17″ and extends to 40″. It’s compatible with Hero 4, Session, Black, Silver, Hero+ LCD, 3+, 2, HD and 1/4″ threaded cameras such as Sony Action Cam, Garmin, Drift and more. Wondering what’s the “v2” for? This pole comes with a matching black aluminum mount and screw instead of the regular plastic ones that are easily shattered!

sandmarc black edition pole

4. Sandmarc Carbon Grip (Php1,740)

If the Black Edition Pole proves to be too long for your liking, there’s a more handy version for you. Sandmarc Carbon Grip functions both as a hand grip/pole and a floater. It includes a safety leash, a tripod mount adaptor and a plastic thumbscrew.

sandmarc carbon grip

The Carbon Grip is made from carbon fiber to make it light, durable, and buoyant. This is perfect for watersports enthusiasts because aside from being waterproof, it’s also saltproof. And it floats! You won’t have to worry about your GoPro sinking to the ocean floor anymore! And just like the pole, it’s compatible with all GoPro editions. And oh, you can attach it to the Sandmarc Black Edition pole!

sandmarc carbon grip

3. Sandmarc Floater Wrist Strap (Php1,320)

If you find a pole cumbersome and just can’t be bothered with it, Sandmarc Floater Wrist Strap can give you and your GoPro the assurance that the latter would just bob if ever you drop it on a body of water.

sandmarc floater wrist strap

It’s designed to dry quickly and has a quick-release mechanism. The Floater Wrist Strap also comes in easy-to-spot bright yellow and is (obviously) best for water activities.

sandmarc floater wrist strap

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