WATCH: GoPro Shoots Amazing Video From the Stratosphere

WATCH GoPro Shoots Amazing Video From the Stratosphere

The GoPro has been every sports enthusiast’s partner in taking amazing videos while doing extreme sports. The clips that we’ve seen are awesome, but we’d like to present this one video that will take your breath away. This clip managed to shoot a video while in the stratosphere, or 98,600 feet above the air.

A GoPro camera was attached to a weather balloon and a phone by a group of students working on a dissertation about Fluid Lensing, or capturing footage from above ground to gather underwater data. It was launched on June 8, 2013 at the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA. The thing is, the GoPro fell back to Earth and went missing.

Two years later, a woman working at AT&T found the phone in the desert and returned it to an AT&T store. What’s great is that the camera didn’t break and the footage was still intact! The network contacted the owner of the phone, and they got the footage a few weeks later.

Watch the amazing clip below:

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